Debt collection

Representing Clients at all stages of the debt collection proceedings: pre-court, court, pre-enforcement, enforcement and arbitration proceedings.

We offer continued support at each stage of proceedings, starting with telephone contacts with debtors, sending calls for payments, through court and enforcement proceedings. Our services also include an offer to seek amounts due from entities obliged next in order of priority, e.g. proceedings against members of the management board of limited liability companies or partners of general partnerships.

What benefits you can have from our support:

  • We improve the financial liquidity of the company by effective debt collection
  • We guarantee prompt enforcement which gives a chance of full satisfaction of amounts due sought
  • We provide savings as a result of no need to create and maintain own debt collection unit
  • We assist in decreasing a level of non-paid amounts due
  • We ensure effective enforcement, and if there is none – we suggest how to quickly change a strategy of seeking claims

We have considerable experience in representing Clients in cases leading to recovering amounts due not paid by contracting parties and in defence against unfair extortions. We comprehensively represent entrepreneurs, individuals carrying out business activity and natural persons, by adjusting proper means adequately to the nature of a given case.

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