Due diligence of entities under restructuring

A full scope of legal activities aimed at multi-dimensional analysis of business in terms of its commercial, financial, legal and tax condition.

Business restructuring is a complex process requiring detailed planning. In correct business reorganisation, it is necessary to carry out due diligence. This is a multi-dimensional analysis covering specific areas depending on the needs of business and planned undertaking.

Benefits from carrying out due diligence:

  • Information about the condition of business which may influence the decision on restructuring
  • Ensuring safety of planned activities
  • Avoiding many negative legal and tax consequences prior to planned restructuring

Mariański Group has wide experience in carrying out due diligence – our experts have conducted analyses of the condition of enterprises based on which the decision was taken as to whether restructuring was necessary and to what extent.  In many cases, the fact of using the services of Mariański Group enabled our Clients to enhance effectiveness as a result of correctly conducted restructuring.  Due diligence is an extremely significant tool necessary for proper reorganisation of an enterprise. Mariański Group has also many years of experience in the management of restructured enterprises at each stage of the transformation process.

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