Mergers and Acquisitions

Comprehensive legal and tax activities creating business opportunities for our Clients.

Mergers and acquisitions still remain complex and detailed processes. Moreover, they are often encumbered with a significant risk. Such processes should be handled with a comprehensive and individual approach and interdisciplinary knowledge.

We render comprehensive advisory services for mergers with another entity or business purchase/takeover transactions.

Benefits from cooperation with Mariański Group in the above scope:

  • Professional company valuation
  • Organising and supervising a due diligence process
  • Efficient and comprehensive analysis of legal and tax risks and potential solutions
  • Cooperation of the complementary team of expert auditors, tax advisers and lawyers
  • Advising on merger closing
  • Support in negotiating and signing an investment agreement

Our lawyers have many years of experience in carrying out negotiations with investors, including
in assisting in acquisitions of companies operating, among others, in the medical branch. In connection with numerous mergers and divisions of companies, we have implemented unique solutions enabling maintenance of optimal tax burdens.

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