Liquidation of companies

Liquidation of a company, in particular a limited liability company and a joint-stock company, is a complex process composed of several stages. This process is extremely time-consuming as it takes at least 6 months and may even take several years in case of limited liability companies. It also requires deep involvement and knowledge as to how to conduct it in the legal, tax, accounting and management scope.

By offering the complex handling of the liquidation process, Mariański Group not only renders legal services at each stage of the process, but also provides accounting and tax support. We support our Clients in particular by supervising and controlling the liquidation process in regard to a formal and operational aspect. We liquidate both special purpose vehicles and companies with a long history and hundreds of employees.

Our assistance guarantees:

  • Quiet and complex handling of the liquidation process thanks to an interdisciplinary team composed of legal, tax and accounting experts
  • Safety at each stage of the process resulting from experience which enables possibly early identification of potential problems and avoiding or solving them effectively
  • Preparing an optimal processing scenario and assistance in its efficient execution

We have extensive experience in this scope, which can be confirmed by a number of effectively carried out liquidations of companies in connection with implemented restructurings and investment plans.

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