White-collar crime

We represent Clients in penal and penal fiscal proceedings, also in relation to economic crimes. We ensure support to our Clients who are victims.

Running a business activity, especially a profitable one and with an international range, entails liability in many fields. There is a personal liability risk incurred not only by owners, but also by members of the management board and shareholders for company’s commitments which may be of civil and economic nature or arise from debts to the State Treasury. What is more, under penal law and penal fiscal law, there is a threat of being a victim of “white-collar crime”. This means economic crimes in which tax authorities try to impose strict liability for any violations of the tax law on taxpayers and shift to them liability for acts of contractors or even agents or producers if they prove to be unreliable. Moreover, the richest are often victims of hatred on the Internet, as well as interference in their privacy, that is why, wealthy people become parties to criminal proceedings.

A cross-sectional view of liability helps indicate any areas in a standard position of being an owner, management board member or person managing the entity, and make appropriate adjustments in order to minimise any related risk. Nevertheless, we are distinguished by providing legal support in cases within the private sphere which are a consequence of job performed or social position.

We represent Clients also in disputes concerning protection of their privacy and good name, in particular connected with gutter press news, rumours websites, paparazzis and so-called haters. Thanks to our team of legal advisers and tax advisers, we represent Clients in arbitration, judicial and enforcement proceedings in civil, economic and bankruptcy cases. Additionally, when it comes to commitments towards tax authorities, we support our Clients even at the stage of tax investigation.

Benefits from cooperating with Mariański Group:

  • We maintain the entire communication with law enforcement authorities and courts,
  • We analyse details of the case and offer substantive support at the highest level,
  • We ensure compliance with procedural guarantees which are laid down for the Client’s protection,
  • As representatives of our Clients who are victims in the proceedings, we take care of an appropriate response of established mechanisms to infringements of personal rights committed by an offender.

We have extensive experience related to representing Clients in penal cases and penal fiscal cases – from traffic fines through proceedings in which the Client is suspected of participating in carousel frauds and VAT frauds. What is more, we represent Clients in proceedings against unreliable contractors and employees who have committed frauds and thefts to the detriment of the Clients, and in cases when they act as the parties injured by unreliable contractors and who defend their rights before criminal courts.

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