Protection of shareholders and management board members

Legal and tax advisory services to shareholders and management board members directed to lawfully mitigate the risk of their liability in relation to the positions they hold.

Performing a function of the management board member of the company does not only mean prestige but most of all substantial civil, penal and tax liability. Each person holding such position needs to be aware that they bear unlimited liability.

We support our Clients in choosing adequate regulations in order to minimise risks connected with their private life which result from positions they hold.

We have considerable experience connected with representation of Clients in penal and fiscal penal cases. Furthermore, we also represent Clients in proceedings against dishonest competitors and employees. Thanks to a team of legal advisers, we render services of representation in arbitration, court and enforcement proceedings in civil, commercial and bankruptcy cases. In addition, with regard to liabilities to tax authorities, we assist our Clients as early as at the stage of inspection, and a team of tax advisers guarantees professional representation in tax and court and administrative proceedings, including before the Supreme Administrative Court.

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