Responsibility of management board members

Comprehensive identification of threats resulting from various law areas, combating them and representing management board members in court proceedings.

Performing chief functions in the company’s structures is connected with responsibility for its liabilities. It also involves a risk of becoming a victim of white-collar crime. White-collar crime refers to commercial offences. Tax authorities try to impose a model of objective liability to taxpayers for any breaches of tax provisions and make them responsible for acts of their contracting parties, and even agents of manufacturers if such acts might prove unfair. Therefore, the Client needs substantive support and expertise enabling cross-cutting assessment of all risks connected with assumed liability.

Kinds of responsibility:

  • corporate
  • civil-law
  • for damages
  • public-law resulting from bankruptcy law
  • penal

What benefits you can obtain from cooperating with us in respect of management board members’ liability:

  • We identify threats which may result in connection with performance of a given position in various law areas
  • We indicate proper solutions (e.g. change of provisions in agreements) in order to minimise detected threats
  • We represent Clients at each stage of a dispute, e.g. from pre-trial proceedings through court and enforcement proceedings
  • We handle cases in commercial, bankruptcy and recovery law, and commercial case
  • We handle cases regarding liability resulting from tax law, i.e. from tax inspection, tax proceedings and court and administrative proceedings through security and enforcement proceedings and penal fiscal and penal responsibility

We have vast experience in representing Clients in arbitration, court and enforcement proceedings in civil, commercial and bankruptcy cases. Moreover, in penal and penal fiscal cases, we support Clients by rendering a wide spectrum of services – from traffic fines through proceedings in which the Client is suspected of participating in carousel frauds and VAT frauds.

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