Investment planning

We provide comprehensive support even for the most unusual investments. We ensure implementation of comprehensive long-term solutions which are aimed not only to secure but also to multiply the assets.

Investments in different kind of assets, e.g. works of art, ores or even wine, become an inherent part of securing the private wealth. Such transactions often have a cross-border range and require an in-depth legal and tax analysis of planned activities.

We support our Clients at the stage of investment planning; we advise them on diagnosing the investment risk and circumstances surrounding the transaction, including in respect of an applicable law and resolving potential disputes. We support them in choosing an optimal legal and organisational form of business, present tax and legal effects of undertaken action, develop individual methods of financing the investment, and encourage the Client to obtain them and we represent the Client before every authority in cases connected with such investment. At the stage of implementation of the investment, we support implementation of a target structure while safeguarding the invested assets. Investment structures that we use protect our Clients from financial liability related to the potential risk of loss of financial liquidity, at the same time minimising tax burdens.

Benefits from cooperating with us:

  • Professional and complex support in respect of creating and implementing tax-efficient and legally-safe structures; in respect of multiplication and protection of both private wealth and property which belongs to its business,
  • We take care of our Client’s interests while signing contracts which concern private property and investments,
  • Legally-safe investments even in the most unique goods,
  • Certainty that the achieved earnings will be, or have been, properly taxed even in the most difficult cases, e.g. as a result of income obtained through foreign investment funds,
  • Cooperation with a trustworthy and experienced entity – we have analysed e.g. legal and tax aspects of management of one of the largest collection of works of art, as well as implemented and planned the purchase of expensive images and stock portfolios.

Our experience covers support in obtaining funds for investments, the restructuring of commitments and carrying out the reorganisation process the purpose of which is to eliminate unnecessary costs and tax burdens.

In the scope of investment planning, we help determine investment goals, estimate risks and necessary costs, prepare and implement schedules for achieving the Clients’ goals. We also support Clients in obtaining financing, cooperate with investment fund companies and business advisers who help find managers and investors.

We do not leave the whole process to random and ad hoc activities, but we offer legal and tax support at every stage of its implementation, with elimination of any threats to the Client’s assets. We assist in implementation of a model structure while at the same time we safeguard the invested assets and participate in all proceedings before courts and state administrative authorities in the scope of obtaining every necessary permissions and licences.

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