Tax planning

Legal and organisational frames fulfilling business objectives with the lowest possible level of tax burdens and acceptable legal and accounting effects.

Within our services, we act as business partners. We provide advice both on ongoing business activity and on specific investments. We also indicate solutions enabling obtaining considerable tax benefits with the use of potential and assets of a given business e.g. in the form of real estate or trademarks. At the same time, our activities constitute complete recommendations including provisions of tax, civil and financial law in respect of business succession and ongoing services.

Stages of activities within tax planning:

  • Analysis of the current condition of the company and its tax efficiency
  • Indication of solutions possible to be implemented which take into account tax, legal and accounting aspects
  • Preparation of a target model in cooperation with the Client
  • Preparation of the schedule of activities serving to achieving assumed goals
  • Monitoring of activities and full support in implementing developed solutions

A team of Mariański Group has many years of experience in widely defined tax planning. Our Clients involved companies from various branches and with various scale of operations. Thanks to our support in planning and implementing the transaction, among others, one of the most modern hospitals in the Łódź province has been opened. Moreover, a portfolio of our projects includes tax structures of business succession for the richest Poles (also those being top ten on the Forbes list). In adopted concepts, we place emphasis on beneficial taxation of the current operation of business and also on consequences in the form of inheritance tax within estate planning.

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