Private investments (yachts, planes, works of art)

We secure Client’s interests in private investments and consumer purchases.

Possessing a considerable wealth gives an opportunity to purchase a special kind of goods – luxurious, unique and tailor-made. Such transactions require a detailed agreement which fully secures investor’s interests. The special nature of the purchased product means that all the key elements of the contract must be determined individually, which makes the contract complex.

Benefits from cooperating with Mariański Group:

  • Possibility to sign contracts which are safe and which guarantee completion of even the most complicated product on time, following every Client’s requirements,
  • Possibility to obtain an extended warranty or additional support throughout the entire period of using the product,
  • Lodging complaints and seeking claims arising from warranty,
  • We seek claims arising from special warranty programs e.g. in case of car failure covered by the warranty of free-of-charge service from the manufacturer.

Mariański Group has extensive experience in negotiations with manufacturers, and also ensures legal services during participation in auctions and biddings, drafts contracts for the supply of a special kind of goods, custom made by a dozen subcontractors. Also, we support Clients in the process of valuation of goods, verification of their authenticity and origin. Our vast experience also covers analysis of tax jurisdictions in the context of planned purchase.

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