Representing entities from the world of sport, culture and art

We ensure support in areas which require a specific approach and experience in leading similar cases.

Possessing considerable wealth is not only related to running a business activity. There is an important group of people whose earnings come from the activity in the fields of culture or sport. Considering specific tax regulations regarding artistic and entertainment activities and with regard to the specific global nature of such activities, it is worth mentioning that our advisory services require a vast knowledge of Polish and international regulations – not only tax regulations but also those related to e.g. collective management of copyright organisations.

Mariański Group provides legal and tax advisory services in the field of taxation of income from sports and artistic activities. Thanks to an interdisciplinary knowledge of our experts, our Clients have a possibility of tax planning for their earnings, among others, by using legal frameworks which come from other tax jurisdictions. Additionally, Clients obtain support in drawing up any kind of contracts and sponsorship contracts, orders and specific-task contracts so that their provisions are in accordance with binding legal system and fully secure their interests.

Mariański Group has experience in representing athletes in relations with sports associations, sports clubs and entities trading in works of art. At the same time, the Mariański Group’s lawyers advise wealthy people on tax planning on a permanent basis.

Benefits from cooperating with Mariański Group:

  • We maintain the entire communication with involved entities – with clubs and sports associations in case of athletes,
  • We conduct proceedings against arbitrational tribunals of sports associations,
  • Obtaining comprehensive support – we analyse issues from the legal and tax perspective, by providing also tax consultancy services for athletes, including those engaged in international activity,
  • We represent interests of entities involved in the activity related to the culture and art, against organisations, public authorities and contractors.
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