Generational succession – family planning

We ensure almost unlimited possibilities of disposal of the wealth in case of death as well as during the testator’s lifetime.

A considerable wealth might be a source of serious complications in the sphere of division of assets and responsibility for debts.

Preparing a well-thought succession strategy which includes the testator’s will is one of the basic tasks for us. In order to fulfil the testator’s will, we often look for international succession mechanisms. Thanks to this, our Clients may plan the division of their private wealth in detail, which gives them an opportunity to reorganise and use it in an optimal manner.

The Mariański Group’s experience is based on many projects of succession planning carried out for wealthy clients who have not only their own undertakings, but also significant private assets e.g. collections of art masterpieces or many immovable properties. We have advised our Clients many times how to carry out complicated succession planning processes, also with the participation of foreign foundations or trusts.

Benefits from cooperating with us:

  • Possibility of almost unlimited disposal of the assets in case of death,
  • Possibility of securing family’s interests in case of disease or another accident,
  • Possibility of financially motivating the closest family to act in accordance with testator’s will,
  • Cooperation with an experienced and prestigious entity, which allows us to tailor a solution to the Client’s personal needs,

The Mariański Group’s actions are adjusted to each particular case; we take into consideration the structure of ownership and the size of the Client’s property. We pay special attention to protection of every beneficiary’s interest, basing on regulations set by the testator.

This is why, we apply not only Polish inheritance law regulations, but also trusts (foundations) in other European countries. For example, this enables the transfer of management of an undertaking out to a descendant who first graduates from economics studies at Harvard, or the payment of a benefit in the amount of EUR 3,000 to a child who first gives birth to three grandchildren from one, validly contracted marriage.

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