Bankruptcy and recovery processes

Effective legal assistance to participants of recovery processes and bankruptcy proceedings at all possible stages.

Sometimes problems with financial liquidity occur in companies during operation. In such cases, Mariański Group offers to conduct restructuring proceedings in order to get Clients’ business back on track in the most effective and quickest manner.

We provide:

  • Analysis of financial standing of the Client in terms of choosing an adequate kind of proceedings, depending on the level of financial problems of the Client
  • Documentation required for bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in consultation with a proxy and restructuring adviser
  • Prompt and effective preparation of a petition for restructuring or bankruptcy
  • Supervision of a professional proxy over the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • Efficient and informed carrying out of the bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings

We have experience in carrying out restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings. We ensure a detailed analysis of business condition and adjust a proper kind of proceedings in order to regain financial stability. In especially difficult and complicated cases, we ensure that the bankruptcy proceedings are conducted in the quickest way, at the same time having in mind protection of management board members against potential future claims of creditors.

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