Legal and tax support

Complex legal and tax support in private wealth’s management.

Private wealth of a significant value is associated with a great responsibility for investments and current management. On the one hand, wealth is a state of an economic stability, but on the other hand, it is a challenge which requires constant decision making with a significant financial impact.

As part of our support services, we offer:

  • Carrying out comprehensive ownership’s audits,
  • Planning the income tax and the wealth tax,
  • Investment planning for individuals,
  • Support in the field of charity, also for the possibilities of tax benefits,
  • Comprehensive tax and legal support in carrying out private investments (purchasing yachts, planes or masterpieces)
  • Transaction support in contacts with financial institutions, in particular with banks.

Benefits from cooperating with us:

  • We have a broad knowledge which is based on many years of experience in supporting the wealthy clients, including top ten of the richest Poles by Forbes Magazine.
  • We guarantee a comprehensive approach to the topic, which might be taken only by a well-coordinated team of lawyers, tax advisers, expert auditors, business advisers and partners in other countries.
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