Transaction support in contact with financial institutions

Support in contacts and transactions with banks and other financial institutions.

In the framework of the implementation of the business activities or private investments, it is often necessary to use the services of banks or other funding institutions. In such case, some difficulties in communication with structured entities might appear and there is a necessity of carrying out a thorough analysis of extensive legal agreements which are often incomprehensible so the completion of the compliance procedures might take months or even years.

We guarantee quick and simple closing of every formal proceedings related to investing, obtaining funds or opening a bank account with national and foreign institutions. Moreover, we offer comprehensive transaction support when it comes to contacting financial institutions in the field of negotiating conditions, risk diagnosis and improvement in the decision-making process in financing issues.

Benefits from cooperating with Mariański Group:

  • We maintain the entire communication with financial institutions,
  • We conduct negotiations, having in mind the goal which was indicated by the Client,
  • We advise on legal and tax results of planned actions and we indicate the safest solutions.

Mariański Group is an active business partner of many financial institutions, including leading Polish banks and investment fund companies. Due to the implementation of many joint projects, we have extensive experience in dealing with such entities. What is more, many years of our engagement in advanced projects resulted in an extensive network of personal contacts and developed courses of action, which are undoubtedly our huge asset.

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