Management and ownership supervision

Legal and tax support in tailor-made solutions ensures continuity of company’s existence.

As part of our services, we develop the most effective solutions in terms of cost and functional aspects, which are suitable for our Clients. Therefore, we implement appropriate mechanisms of control and ownership supervision, at the same time being a guarantor of efficient enforcement of proposed guidelines. What is more, in the framework of our proposals, we implement structures which provide for duration of family business in a given shape even if the founder dies or in case of another chance event.

Benefits which Mariański Group’s support may bring:

  • Analysis of company’s current condition, legal safety and tax efficiency
  • Monitoring of management’s actions and full support in implementation of solutions for detected threats
  • Development, in close cooperation with the Client, of a perfect model of wealth management, including international structures

We have implemented hundreds of tailor-made structures established in order to minimise legal risk and penal fiscal liability for our Clients in the process of succession. At the same time, we have cooperated for many years with various operators and institutions specialised in creating and managing off-shore entities in order to efficiently and effectively manage the business run in any place of the world. Our structures match a plan to transfer business to next generations and ensure stability and growth of business based on its strategy.

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