Tax planning (offshore and the subsidiary)

We ensure implementation of the most tax efficient structures, including international mechanisms.

Tax burdens are an inherent part of every business or personal strategy. The diagnosis and elimination of tax risks are even more important when it comes to cases without established case law or when tax authorities adopt divergent approaches in similar cases. Furthermore, cases can become more complicated when assets of different legal regimes are used.

For people with considerable private or family wealth, it is crucial to take into consideration management of its components and using them in an optimal way in terms of income tax. Complications may occur when assets are governed by the tax law of another jurisdiction because of their location. In such cases, it is even more relevant to manage resources in a most centralized, professional and efficient way to eliminate unnecessary tax risk. In agreement with the Client, we may apply the beneficial foreign tax legislation and inform the Client about the change of tax residence.

Cooperating with us gives you:

  • Professional comprehensive support provided by qualified legal advisors and experts in international law,
  • Assistance in developing and implementing solutions,
  • Possibility to choose the best solution out of the several individually prepared for you,
  • Opportunity to obtain a professional tax opinion and full support in the range of law, tax and accountancy concerning particular actions,
  • Development of the most effective tax solutions which take into account the type and class of the Client’s assets,
  • Implementation of tailor-made solutions which guarantee legal and tax safety,
  • We have wide experience in income tax’s planning, including with the use of domestic and foreign means.

We contact contracting parties or operators of subsidiaries directly, and later we report the key issues to Clients.

Our scenarios of tax planning allow us to merge or divide many companies, while maintaining the optimal tax burdens. We have participated in the structuring of high-value business and individual transactions.

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