Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why to choose Mariański Group?

    • We are the 1st law and tax firm in the region and the 14th law and tax firm in Poland in terms of the number of employed experts: tax advisers, legal advisers, advocates (ranking by Rzeczpospolita 2016) which translates into our level of expertise. We have vast experience in corporate, tax, economic, inheritance, procedural and accounting matters.
    • We offer comprehensive support for entrepreneurs as part of the Business Support Centre where we ensure all specialists required to provide services to legal entities and natural persons, such as: notary, tax adviser, legal adviser, advocate, sworn translator, expert auditor, marketing specialist, business psychologist.
    • We comprehensively analyse each project both in terms of taxes and law, which ensures safety of activities undertaken by the firm.
    • We dedicate an individual account manager to each Client, who perfectly understands the specific nature of business and all related threats.
    • We indicate and make our Clients aware of legal and tax risk areas and together work out solutions which enable minimising threats.
    • We work under the general supervision of Professor Adam Mariański – an experienced advocate and tax adviser.
    • We guarantee full legal and tax support, unleashing a business potential of an entrepreneur who may be fully focused on the firm’s core business.
  2. Does Mariański Group provide advice through the Internet?

    Yes. We provide legal advice by electronic means.

    In practice, this process looks as follows:

    • after receiving an enquiry by e-mail, we send back an acknowledgment of receipt and information from the account manager regarding the time needed to provide a satisfactory reply to the Client, or a request to send required additional information/documents regarding the case
    • in the return e-mail, we also provide quotation. From the time of receiving payment, we will send you a reply within 1 to 5 business days.
    • our regular Clients receive advice via e-mail on the basis of the signed cooperation agreement
  3. Does Mariański Group provide advice over the phone?

    Generally, we do not provide advice over the phone as such form infringes a principle of reliability which we apply. However, when a company or person is bound with us by a fixed contract, it is possible to have telephone consultations in minor matters.

  4. How to prepare for a meeting regarding legal or tax advice?

    Take all documents connected with the case for a meeting. If you do not have original documents, copies will be sufficient for an expert to become familiar with the case issue.

  5. What are the working hours of specialists from Mariański Group?

    We work from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In exceptional cases, after prior arrangement, it is possible to meet outside normal working hours. If you want to make sure to contact a specific legal adviser, legal trainee or tax adviser, please arrange a meeting via phone.

  6. What are the fees for running a case or for providing legal advice?

    Our rates are determined on a case by case basis, depending on the complexity of the case, workload and duration of the case. After getting to know the problem, before accepting the commission, we always inform the Client about our fee.

  7. Do I have to pay for the first meeting?

    The first meeting aimed at presenting the case is free of charge unless the Client wishes to obtain legal advice.

    That is why you should not be afraid of talking to our experts, because before you decide whether to commission us with your case, we will present you with conditions for cooperation

  8. How are legal and tax services rendered to entrepreneurs?

    In order to establish conditions for cooperation, we need to meet and explore the needs of an entrepreneur and the scope of expected help.

    After establishing those details, we draw up a legal services agreement which specifies principles of cooperation, and in particular regulates the manner, time and place of providing legal services, as well as remuneration.

  9. What are the possible forms of settlement with Mariański Group?

    We prefer two forms of settlement:

    • monthly or quarterly lump-sum with an hour cap – this is a certain number of hours to be used in a month (quarter), and after exceeding it – remuneration is paid at an hourly rate (settlement of every minute)
    • hourly fee for every hour of work of Mariański Group (settlement of every minute)
    • lump-sum remuneration – for the project

    We issue VAT invoices.

  10. Is it safe to provide information to Mariański Group?

    Absolutely. All legal advisers, tax advisers, advocates and legal trainees working at Mariański Group are bound by an attorney-client privilege covering all data and information provided by the Client.

    In addition, details of our Clients are stored on safe servers and reported to the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO).

    We also have tools for safe communication with the Client, among others encrypted Skype for business.

  11. What are the consequences of an error committed by an employee of Mariański Group?

    Advocates, legal advisers and tax advisers are subject to compulsory third party liability insurance for damage inflicted during the provision of legal assistance.

    The experts cooperating with Mariański Group have insurance in the amount of PLN 10,000,000 per each incident.

    We handle cases for large amounts, e.g. restructuring cases, so any risk perceived by the Client is included. It is possible to purchase insurance for a higher amount if this is justified by the value of the case.

    Therefore, the Client may seek compensation from the Insurance Company if an employee of Mariański Group commits a mistake.

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