Ownership’s audit

We carry out comprehensive ownership’s audits which identify risks in particular areas of business.

We support Clients in carrying out an ownership’s audit of private wealth, in particular immovable properties, based on legal and tax aspects. During the audit, our experts carefully assess the state of assets’ security, particularly in the context of the transactions made and a degree of economic activity – as a result, we identify all risks, including the one which ensures smooth succession in accordance with the testator’s will.

At the end of an audit, the Client receives a report based on which a well-thought investment decision, also concerning current management, may be made. Thanks to received information, the Client is able to judge if planned transactions have a chance of success and whether they would bring benefits. The audit identifies potential threats and allows Clients to be prepared for them e.g. by providing the appropriate financial security or obtaining additional legal security or implementing succession structures.

Benefits from cooperating with us:

  • Analysis of the current state of assets, legal security and tax effectiveness,
  • Monitoring of management activities and full support in implementation of solutions for detected threats,
  • Creating, in strict cooperation with the Client, a target wealth management model, while using international structures,
  • Cooperation with experts – we have broad experience in carrying out an audit: our experts have made an assessment of the legal and tax situation of many companies and real estate (including monuments), as well as of conformity of company’s accounting practices with binding law.
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