We advise on the most effective forms of charity activities, in tax and organisational aspects.

Possessing a considerable wealth is often associated with participation in charity and philanthropic activities. Mariański Group advises Clients in the field of social activities and charity work, which enables them to act in associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations. The Mariański Group’s lawyers will help you set up such a non-profit organisation and advise on their current operation and financing, including in relation to tax issues.

Benefits from cooperating with us:

  • The Client is able to engage in charity activities in a way that secures the transfer of funds,
  • Opportunity to develop a business activity connected with Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • Opportunity to use the savings option related to participation in public benefit undertakings,
  • Professional support in setting up public foundations, foreign private foundation and associations which are aimed at fulfilling various social purposes,
  • Optimal use of tax preferences established on the basis of income and local tax and fees by an organisation.
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