Advisory services to employers

Support in implementing the most effective solutions, also at the stage of creating a HR management policy.

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A service of remuneration planning opens up a possibility of achieving huge savings by reducing public charges such as taxes or social insurance premiums which are inseparably connected with work or services provided by company’s staff.

By combining experience of our experts in various branches of law, we offer:

  • A possibility of considerable reduction of costs connected with employment of staff, with full security during tax, insurance or labour law inspections
  • An audit to be carried out by a specialised team who will comprehensively assess the current structure of employment at the company
  • A report containing risk areas as well as recommendations regarding areas of improvement in connection with employment, which additionally secures the company’s interests in the event of potential inspection

The service enables improvement in staff policy which, when improperly implemented, may hinder business growth and expose the company to negative effects of inspections carried out by public administrative bodies.

Mariański Group has a wide practical knowledge regarding business planning and organising its legal frames, which translates into the number of Clients whom we advise in this scope and the multitude of publications by its experts.

See our experts’ publications. Available only in Polish.

Currently, in addition to basic remuneration, many enterprises offer their employees and co-workers various fringe benefits. This determines the attractiveness of the company as a potential workplace and motivates the staff. However, it should be remembered that such benefits are connected with certain consequences both in tax and social insurance law.

Most often applied fringe benefits refer to:

  • Use of company cars for private purpose
  • Medical packages
  • Life insurance
  • Sports cards
  • Participation in bonding events]

What benefits you can have from support provided by our specialists:

  • We ensure safety in settlements after applying the proposed structures
  • We indicate effective tax solutions which after being implemented may result in huge savings
  • We suggest how to make the company more attractive as a workplace and strengthen economic relations with employees

We advise both large entities with foreign capital and smaller family businesses all over Poland.

Solutions offered by us allow for:

  • Significant reduction of costs connected with involvement of managerial staff
  • Reduction of public charges at companies in which owners are also members of the management board
  • Allocation of released funds, e.g. in other company departments or to increase remuneration of managers with whom the company does not want to part
  • Retention of the best members of managerial staff at the company and business growth stimulation by implementing managerial programmes taking into account effective legal solutions
  • Prompt introduction of changes – even several weeks from initiation of works until implementation of all solutions

In respect of improving the system of remunerating managerial staff, we have advised companies, among others, from the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, construction, food, clothing and sanitary sector.

Services rendered by Mariański Group to entrepreneurs aim most of all at ensuring compliance of undertaken activities with the labour law, and in consequence limiting the risk of disputes with employees.

What benefits we offer to our Clients:

  • We propose interdisciplinary solutions developed by a team of experts, thanks to whom we can obtain dynamic solutions connected with employment, taking into account regulations of all applicable branches of law, including labour law, tax law and social insurance law
  • We provide an experienced litigation team which will ensure that all disputes are handled at the highest level

We have many years of experience in handling employment-related cases. Our Clients include large institutions from all over Poland and numerous representatives of medium and large family businesses.

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