Controlling undisclosed income – compliance of private expenditure

Comprehensive support in controlling private expenditure in order to secure it against applying a rate of 75% of income tax.

Having considerable wealth or earning high revenue presents a risk of tax control of undisclosed income. In such proceedings, it is vital to properly keep documentation confirming sources of wealth or revenue.

Therefore, it is worth carrying out an analysis and sorting out the issues of spending and purchasing particular assets, as proceedings instituted by state authorities are extremely exact and meticulous. What is more, such action will allow for rational planning of expenditure, considering the resources already held and the income tax.

Marianski Group’s support gives you:

  • Professional support in proceedings before tax and fiscal authorities,
  • Taking care of constitutional standards not always mentioned in the law, but repeatedly emphasised by the Constitutional Tribunal,
  • Sense of safety – we maintain entire communication with state authorities,
  • Comprehensive assessment of expenditure; we determine and indicate risk areas.

We have great experience in proceedings regarding undisclosed income which are carried out by tax and fiscal authorities and in court and administrative proceedings, as well as accompanying security and enforcement proceedings.

We have learned from our experience that comprehensive assessment of the Client’s situation is of enormous significance and the majority of such proceedings is the result of other controls concerning your business. That is why, professional representation is so important, and, in particular, the combination of practical tax knowledge and litigation experience (see also tax inspection).

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