Tax residence

We determine the tax residence of a natural person and inform as to whether it is possible to change it.

The technological development has caused that we live in a „global village”. It allows us to move easily around the world, live and earn money in more than one country. It gives us an opportunity to choose the tax residence and related benefits might result in decreased tax burdens or facilitate potential economic contacts or investments.

Mariański Group assists in determining benefits and risks resulting from selecting particular tax residence, we also help in obtaining and confirming chosen residence. We work with law and tax firms from different countries; we are a member of the AITC based in Switzerland, which unites lawyers, tax advisers and accountants. It gives us many opportunities and access to a detailed knowledge about every residence. Our operating model supports Clients not only at the stage of planning, but also during the whole process of obtaining such residence to guarantee tax and financial safety.

Cooperating with us gives you:

  • Opportunity of choosing tax residence in cross-border situations,
  • Complex recognition of advantages and disadvantages of holding a status of tax resident
  • Guarantee of tax and wealth safety

Thanks to our help, our Clients had a possibility to receive a status of tax resident in Great Britain, Andorra or Cyprus. Considering progressive fiscalisation in Poland, this is the direction which is of special interest to our Clients.

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